Who is liable for storm damage?

We are entering that period in the UK when high winds and heavy rain wreak havoc on our properties. Falling trees can cause delays on our roads, and damage to vehicles and properties. Adverse weather can also have a massively detrimental effect on our businesses impacting production, storage of goods and the supply chain. The question of liability for damages clearly needs to be considered long before the need arises so let’s look at how we can protect our domestic and commercial properties and understand liability.

Domestic storm damage
The most common impact of a storm is damage to fences and walls. Boundaries between domestic properties can be the cause of a dispute with neighbours. It is always best to ensure you remain on good terms with your neighbours, so it is best to understand when you buy a property, which fences or walls you are responsible for. This should be stated on your title deeds, but this isn’t always clear. There is usually a precedent in the street as to whose fence is which so if it is not clear, other neighbours may be able to shed some light on responsibility. Carrying out planned maintenance before winter sets in is always the best solution. At the Complete Property Group, we can safely use our experience and equipment to carry out inspections of your roof, gutters external piping and fences. Our experienced team can carry out any repairs needed before storm season sets in.

Storm damage commercial properties
As we’ve already discussed, when it comes to commercial property adverse weather conditions can wreak havoc on commercial premises. A leaky roof for instance in a warehouse that holds stock is potentially catastrophic. These goods can become damaged and therefore can’t be sold or distributed. It might be that your transportation vehicles have been damaged by a storm and this causes delays to the supply chain. Equally any water coming into a warehouse in your production facilities could damage machinery and impact the interior in other ways.

Planning maintenance

There is a reason why storms are called acts of God, they are unpredictable, and it can be difficult to prevent damage. Maintaining the integrity of your building and your commercial property, however, is something proactive you can do to ensure the damage is minimal. Planned schedules of work developed with an experienced commercial property company like The Complete Property Group, can ensure that the building is in the best possible state of repair before adverse weather conditions setting. There are of course as we said some circumstances we just can’t legislate for and when that happens, it’s imperative to ensure continued production and supply chain and carry out property repairs quickly.

The Complete Property Group supports homes and businesses along the south coast. We have the equipment, team, and expertise to carry out storm damage repairs quickly and safely. Most people take the sensible course of action of obtaining comprehensive insurance for their properties and we are often used for insurance claims arising from storm damage and can react quickly to safeguard your property.

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