Dilapidation Services

Commercial / Dilapidation Services

As a commercial property manager, there are various daily duties and on occasion issues that you must contend with such as the upkeep and maintenance of your properties. Whether you are an estate agent or property manager at The Complete Property Group, we are passionate about the returning of Commercial buildings back to their original state.

What is Building Dilapidation Service?

Dilapidation services are required when buildings require urgent or necessary maintenance to deal with dilapidation. For example, this could include duties such as:

• Aesthetic issues (Chipped paint, peeling wallpaper etc.)
• Replacement of damaged or worn-down carpet/wooden flooring.
• Reinstatement of blockwork dividing walls.
• Removal of any dangers or hazards such as asbestos and mould.
• Removal of internal partitions
• Wire testing & lighting upgrades.
• Replacement of damaged windows/repairing window frames.

Our experience in dilapidation services means we can take that off your hands and let you get on with the day-to-day management of the property.