Our clients are often looking to improve a property in multiple areas and therefore may opt for a refurbishment. This can cover numerous external and internal elements all designed to make the property good again. It includes cosmetic aspects such as redecoration but may also include new windows or replacing roof tiles for example to make the property look like new outside as well as in.

We can support property owners with many aspects of refurbishment and improve both the look as well as its functionality and energy efficiency.

External refurbishment

A complete refurbishment will often involve structural work to address issues that are affecting the property. Here are some of the examples of works that may need to be undertaken:

  • Digging out drains
  • Reinforcing foundations
  • New windows
  • Roof tiles
  • Adding structural steels

This is important work that provides the foundation for the internal remodelling and cosmetic work.

Internal refurbishment

We know how important the look of a property is in terms of value and enjoyment and that is why we provide a whole range of internal refurbishment services:

  • Electrics
  • Heating
  • New boiler
  • Decoration
  • Flooring/carpets
  • Installation of kitchens and bathrooms.