What is block management external maintenance?

Block Management is a key component of many Commercial Building Services, meaning that it's an important duty for both estate agents and commercial property managers. To put it simply, Block Management refers to the way in which commercial and residential properties are managed, maintained, and cared for - whether they are residential or mixed-tenure. 

While some elements of block management focus on a property’s interior - such as maintaining and refurbishing communal areas or ensuring that your building is compliant with fire safety regulations - it's equally important that you do not forget about the exterior of your commercial property too. That’s where Block Management External maintenance comes in. 

What is Block Management External Maintenance? 

Block Management External Maintenance is one of our most popular Property Maintenance Solutions. It refers to any maintenance carried out on your property's exterior. While this can vary from property to property, it could include carrying out tasks such as 

  • External Cleaning and Waste Management
  • Ground maintenance (Garden upkeep)
  • Line painting (For Parking Spots etc.) 
  • External Decoration Upkeep/Application 
  • Signage installation/repairs 
  • Outdoor lighting installation/repairs  


Why is Block Management External Maintenance important? 

The main reason why this form of maintenance task is essential is due to the simple fact that it keeps your commercial property in good working order. From an aesthetic perspective, well-maintained properties are more attractive to buyers, renters, and other prospective tenants. 

It also ensures that you are compliant with all government health and safety regulations and are not putting yourself (or your tenants) at risk. For example, not having the appropriate lighting or signage in place outside of your property could lead to an accident for which you are found culpable. This means that you may face criminal charges in addition to fines. 

To be brief: external maintenance is an essential component of good block management and, as a result, should not be ignored in favour of other tasks. However, this does not mean you have to grab the ladders and carry out these tasks yourself. In fact, it's far better to hand them over to the professionals.

This is because a professional property management company is best equipped to deal with any maintenance issues and repairs in a timely and efficient manner without putting the health and safety of your staff and tenants at risk. Furthermore, we can help you save money while doing so, as we’ll be able to find the most cost-effective solutions for your issues and ensure that our repairs are long-lasting. Finally, handing over these tasks to experienced professionals means that you have much greater peace of mind moving forward.

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What is block management external maintenance?