What is the most common cause of roof leaks?


Much like our cars, the last thing any of us want is issues with our roofs. This is because they shelter us, keep us warm and dry and protect our goods and assets in the case of commercial properties.

The signs of a roof leak
We usually discover the roof is leaking when water is pouring into the house but there are earlier signs that can prevent catastrophe. Here’s what to look out for:


  • Water stains on your ceiling
  • Musty odours in rooms
  • Bulges on interior walls
  • Interior cracks on walls, ceiling and around windows and door frames
  • Exterior cracks


If you notice any of these issues, it is best to act before adverse weather conditions kick in. Property service companies can now utilise the latest technology such as drones to assess the integrity of the roof and its vulnerabilities without climbing up a ladder. They can generate a visual report that identifies precisely where there are problems and set a plan to rectify them.

Commercial roofs
Whilst the roof of our home is important because that’s where our families live and where we stay warm and dry, a commercial roof leak can be even more catastrophic. Here are the most common causes of commercial roof leaks:

- Damage to the membrane
- Poor drainage
- Felt seals and flashing degrading
- Ageing roof
- Standing water
- Poor maintenance
- Poor design and inferior installation

A commercial building that houses manufacturing or warehouse facilities is a critical element of the business. Ensuring it remains productive, and functioning has a direct effect on the profitability of a business.


Long-term implications of damaged commercial roofs

A building that cannot produce goods, store them or function as a business is impacted badly in the short term. The effect of roof damage on commercial properties however can have even more critical long-term implications, such as a decrease in the value of the property. When individuals purchase a commercial building, it is an asset. They use this asset to make money from tenants’ rent which provides regular income but eventually, many commercial property owners want to sell those premises. If there are significant issues with the roof it can seriously devalue the property.

Many of the causes of commercial roof leaks can be limited through properly constructed maintenance schedules. It’s much better to allocate the budget to planned maintenance than to react to emergencies that impact productivity and can be very costly.

How we help

We have spent years working across the south coast with businesses throughout Hampshire, West Sussex and beyond. Our years in the property management business mean we understand that our clients are investing in a service, and we aim to meet the needs of all our clients. Because we have worked with businesses such as the leisure industry, retail, warehousing block management and other commercial properties, we know the value of a carefully constructed maintenance schedule that protects the roof that ensures businesses can remain trading.

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