What is the difference between planned and reactive maintenance

When protecting such an important property as a commercial building, you will need to carry out different forms of maintenance and repair. There will, of course, be those situations where something breaks down or needs urgent attention but there will also be machinery and equipment in the building that will require ongoing management.

Reactive maintenance

When reactive maintenance is carried out, it is to address an issue or fault that has suddenly arisen. This can be due to equipment malfunction or machinery and is particularly pertinent in a commercial environment. Commercial buildings using machinery and equipment need to remain operational and viable and anything that impacts defectiveness of this must be addressed quickly. For any commercial enterprise, they must have a strategy in place that can quickly address any breakdowns with equipment. This will be unplanned but that does not mean the business can’t revert to a process they have implemented such as engaging a professional commercial building services company. At The Complete Property Group, we cover the Hampshire and West Sussex area with a team of specialist highly skilled trades. We have the infrastructure and experience to be on hand quickly so that any disruption to service is minimal.

Planned maintenance

This type of commercial building maintenance will involve detailing works that need to be completed and the best way to execute this. Planned maintenance would typically involve detailing tasks materials and trades to solve a problem. It generally takes place when there is more timeline that indicates action will need to be taken so that it can be scheduled in advance. Most commercial buildings will have details on machinery that needs servicing and equipment must be checked. They would usually commission professional property services to carry out preventative maintenance. This is a strategy that aims to minimise costly reactive maintenance. Planned and preventative maintenance are designed to minimise disruption to service and prolong the life of buildings and equipment.

How to manage maintenance

If you are the landlord of the commercial property, it's imperative you maintain the value of your asset, and maintenance is a central part of protecting your investment. If you are the tenant of a commercial building, then likely you were using the premises for business and any issues with the building, machinery or equipment can impact your productivity and bottom line. For both parties, it is therefore imperative that you engage a professional property maintenance company.

What is the difference between planned and reactive maintenance?

in conclusion, we can see that both types of maintenance will need to take place to ensure the longevity and viability of a commercial property. Planned and preventative maintenance clearly goes a long way to ensuring reactive maintenance is minimal. The best way to ensure that you can carry out both forms of maintenance is to establish a good relationship with a local property firm. At The Complete Property Group, we have the experience and infrastructure to meet all your maintenance needs so let us help you keep your business running.

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