What does property maintenance involve?

Whether you own or rent your property, or you have acquired a commercial property, planned and reactive maintenance is essential. Property is an investment and therefore ensuring it is in a good state of repair is the best way to protect your asset.

Planned versus reactive maintenance
Whilst you can’t plan for everything, there is potential cost saving by considering regularly scheduled maintenance. Protecting the integrity and structure of a property not only helps maintain the exterior but prevents potential issues throughout the interior of the building. Ignoring the start of issues such as minor leaks can be fatal over time water damage and wreak havoc on property.

Domestic property maintenance
Often this is the time of year when homeowners discover they have issues with their property. As autumn is well underway and winter is around the corner, adverse weather conditions are the usual culprit for damage to your property. It’s not too late to have a proper look around your home and act before you must react to potentially costly damage. Unblocking gutters can go a long way to preventing serious issues in heavy rain. Whilst we may not be able to predict which fence panels will blow down, replacing those that are rotten or loose is a sensible course of action. When fence panels are down, it leaves your property exposed with easy access for potential criminal activity as well as causing safety issues for pets such as dogs. You may take the view that the best course of action is to look at fencing gutters and your roof before winter kicks in. This is where a reputable property maintenance company can carry out all checks and repairs safely before any issues occur; prevention is better than cure as they say!

Commercial building maintenance
When it comes to commercial property such as warehouses or block management, property management solutions can be quickly accessed to protect your assets. Ensuring commercial premises such as retail or leisure facilities stay open, and footfall can continue to flow at peak trading times is critical. Being able to produce goods in building used for manufacturing or warehousing means these premises remain profitable and the supply chain is not interrupted. Whether it be reactive or planned maintenance, complete or part refurbishment, we understand the need for commercial businesses and buildings to remain operational and with the least amount of disruption. Our experience means we know how to plan and carry out work at suitable times to ensure there is minimal impact on your business operations.

The role of a property manager
When dealing with a big portfolio of properties, The property manager is expected to react to day-to-day repairs, security as well as ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the property. It is therefore critical to be able to rely on a property solutions company that can deliver timely and professional property maintenance.


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