What are the challenges in commercial property maintenance

Our commercial buildings are extremely important aspects of the UK economy. They are predominantly used to house businesses or goods and are therefore required to be in good working order.


The way the business is conducted in the UK, especially with manufacturing requires a smooth-running infrastructure. Maintaining the supply chain and movement of goods across the UK is an integral part of economic stability. If there are structural issues in industrial, manufacturing or warehouse facilities, the impact on the logistics network and knock-on effect can be huge. This means therefore when managing a commercial property, there must be robust plans in place for maintenance and repairs. Engaging an experienced property maintenance company to carry out planned and reactive repairs is an essential part of managing commercial premises.

With a range of property types and different potential problems, it's worth looking at the main issues that can arise with commercial properties such as offices, warehouses, retail, or leisure as follows:

Ensuring that your commercial building is secure is critical for obvious reasons. You may be working with sensitive goods or materials and therefore access to those materials must be limited. Ensuring that the doors have robust locks on them protects the integrity of the work you are carrying out. There are also the valuables of your workers to consider as well as potentially valuable stock. Professionally installed fit-for-purpose doors are therefore a must for commercial properties.

Water leaks
This is one issue in a commercial building that really does need to be addressed quickly. Major flooding has the potential for internal damage to flooring, offices, equipment, and goods. For small leaks that may seem like they don’t need immediate action, there are other implications to consider. Any moisture within a building will start to weaken the integrity of the structure as well as run the risk of rot mould and mildew.

Pest control
In buildings such as warehouses or large industrial units, pests are not a problem on the same scale as in residential buildings. When it comes to transporting, storing, and manufacturing food, however, clearly bugs and rodents need to be immediately addressed.

Building access
It’s not just your doors that are important in your commercial property, stairwells and elevators must be in good working order. Your stairwells and stairways are subject to fire controls and emergencies so must be functional and in a good state of repair. Working elevators and lifts are also important in terms of access for less mobile visitors or workers with disabilities.

Fire safety works
Fire safety is hugely important in all buildings that house people but the implication for commercial buildings can also be the destruction of goods. Many businesses hold large amounts of stock on site, chemicals or equipment that have the potential to be financially catastrophic for commercial businesses.


Managing commercial property maintenance and protecting commercial buildings as well as the people inside is crucial. Developing a long-term relationship with an experienced commercial property management company can prevent issues and save costs in the long run.

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