What are dilapidation services?

The term dilapidation work relates to the repairs or reinstatement of modifications made to a property by the tenant that has resulted in wear and tear from general use or if the property has been damaged or altered in any way by the tenant.  Ultimately, its work is carried out to ensure that a property is returned to its original state agreed within a tenancy or lease agreement between tenant and landlord. This is typically carried out when there is a change of tenant, or a tenant is leaving the property after an agreed term.

Dilapidation services can be carried out on commercial or domestic properties and can vary a great deal, it could be as little as touching up paintwork and minor damage to a full reconstruction of the internal structure after a shop refit or office redesign. Typically, it is the ‘making right’ of a domestic dwelling after the wear and tear of everyday living.

Dilapidation services can also be needed if commercial buildings or offices have fallen into disrepair.  In some cases, the services will be required where buildings have been left abandoned. It is advised that, in all cases where a customer is legally bound to restore a building to full repair, they use a qualified contractor with experience in ensuring all work is carried out to a high standard.

Lease / Rental Dilapidation Services

With around a third of the population of the United Kingdom renting out their home or renting a property, dilapidation services are an essential part of the rental/lease market and, as such, need to be completed professionally and to a high standard, as a property if often rented or lease ‘back-to-back’ and therefore repairs and the general state of a property needs to be robust and be able to withstand constant use.

Generally speaking, a landlord is responsible for the work outside the dwelling, ensuring that the property is well maintained externally, whereas, subject to the lease of the tenancy agreement, the state of the dwelling falls to the tenant and, ultimately, the property management company. Many property managers enlist the help of a contractor to ensure the property is kept in good order and the repairs and dilapidation work is carried out in a timely fashion. As many properties are leased constantly, the less downtime a property has, the more effective that property is in terms of rental income.

What are Commercial Dilapidation Services?

Commercial dilapidation services often involve a higher level of work, The Complete Property Group provides extensive and professional dilapidation services which include:

  • Aesthetic issues (Chipped paint, peeling wallpaper etc.)
    • Replacement of damaged or worn-down carpet/wooden flooring.
    • Reinstatement of blockwork dividing walls.
    • Removal of any dangers or hazards such as asbestos and mould.
    • Removal of internal partitions
    • Wire testing & lighting upgrades.
    • Replacement of damaged windows/repairing window frames.

Always remember, whether you are a landlord or a property manager, you have the responsibility to ensure the dwelling or commercial property is kept in good repairs, whether externally or internally, and therefore contracting a building company with years of experience in property management and dilapidation services is essential. This ensures the property has the least amount of downtime, the work is carried out to a high standard and therefore rental fees are kept as constant as possible.

If you are in the Portsmouth and Hampshire area, we can help you with your dilapidations, get in touch for your works today.

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