The right time to carry out maintenance of your leisure centre

Maintenance and repair are always much more effective if they are carried out in a planned and controlled way. That said, when an unexpected issue has arisen, you do need to know that you can contact a skilled and experienced property maintenance company and know they will react quickly. We know how important it is for health centres and gyms to stay open for trading and we have the experience to manage this for you

The right time for maintenance
When to carry out planned maintenance is entirely down to the leisure centre management. That said when carrying out work we are always happy to consult with you and set a schedule between us that works. For example, during school holidays when there are lots of children accessing swimming pools, it would be incredibly disruptive for work to be going on in the changing rooms. If your health centre is used by families, then term time is a better option for planned work.

A planned work schedule may also be dictated by the different elements of the building. For example, flooring and walkways are more likely to degrade before a roof which tends to have a longer lifespan. Remember when considering and developing a works schedule that it must include in the first instance checks on several areas of the property:

Roof – flat or pitched
Most roofs have a long life span but before winter comes, planned maintenance such as clearing gutters and fixing loose tiles is important. Actions such as this can prevent longer-term more costly issues.

Changing rooms
There are lots of areas within the changing facilities that will need maintenance. From doors to individual cubicles, shower doors and locks; all must be serviceable. Sink areas and showers may also need new tiles or resealing.

Swimming pool
This is space is used by many people and safety is paramount. Planned maintenance might be around loose or cracked tiles and of course sealing areas to ensure they remain waterproof.

Several works may need to take place such as servicing machines and checking flooring and carpets.

Reception desks and offices
The first impressions of a recreation centre are important so ensuring the reception area is presentable and functional plus your team have adequate office space to work

External area
This can encompass the car park, doors, windows and access to the centre including disabled ramps.

When you manage a busy gym or leisure centre, at The Complete Property Group we know how critical it is to keep the premises open to generate revenue. When planned or reactive works are carried out, we have the experience to make sure your timescales and budgets are met. Because we understand the leisure industry, we know how important it is to be flexible and carry out work at times that are suitable for you to minimise the impact on your day-to-day operations. We can also work with you to set a schedule for planned work during the year as well as be on hand for emergencies.


Get in touch with us if you need maintenance or help developing a work schedule.

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