Managing property maintenance in adverse weather conditions

Winter storms don’t have to be disastrous for your property.

It’s January, it’s cold it’s wet and dark. We’re all feeling that horrible drag that inevitably comes with this season. It could be worse, here in the UK we did not have to contend with the bomb cyclone and ridiculous sub-zero temperatures seen recently in the US. That said whether you own a domestic property or a commercial property, adverse weather can have an impact.

It feels like the news is bleak and with climate change, challenging extreme weather conditions will become more commonplace as the years roll on. Whilst we can’t really predict the weather, we can take steps to mitigate risk and damage. All too often we find out there is an issue with our properties in wet, cold, and windy conditions but we don’t always need to be in a reactive state. There is no question that some issues are not obvious until the worst happens but there are signs that the integrity of the building is deteriorating before extreme weather events.

Domestic property maintenance
Usually, the costliest and most potentially worrying issue is the roof. It literally keeps us warm and dry and protects the integrity of the building. If you smell any musty odours in your house or noticed water stains on your ceiling, it is imperative that you act quickly. Sometimes the cause could be blocked gutters as they clog up with fallen leaves and moss at this time of year.

Unblocking them is a simple task that can be carried out quickly by a property maintenance company with the correct ladders and safety protocols in place. It’s also worth checking windows depending on where you detect stains or smells. If, however, you suspect it is the roof, at The Complete Property Group we can carry out a survey that generates a visual report so that we can identify precisely where the problems are without the use of ladders. This is because we utilise drone technology that is accurate and safe. This allows the householder to then make a judgement call armed with the facts before embarking on costly repairs.

Commercial property maintenance
Commercial buildings can house manufacturing, warehousing, retail, or leisure facilities. It can be catastrophic when adverse weather strikes and there are leaks or roof damage. Commercial buildings ensure businesses can remain profitable and therefore reactive and planned maintenance is essential. The Complete Property Group have spent years in the property managing business and has the experience to create maintenance schedules with our clients to ensure continual trading.

We also have the team and transport infrastructure to react quickly should adverse weather cause issues that need to be repaired quickly, ensuring your premises stay open and profitable. Whether you are a homeowner in Portsmouth or managing a commercial property in the Hampshire, West Sussex, or south coast area, let us take on the necessary maintenance you need in the winter months. Get in touch with our capable property services team today.


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