How we help commercial property managers in Hampshire

If you are responsible for managing a commercial property in any capacity, being able to maintain this asset is central to your success in keeping the investment viable. There are many different facets to successfully managing a commercial property so let’s examine some of the ways The Complete Property Group can help you deliver that.

Often individuals or companies will invest in a property that they then lease in a residential capacity. In this situation, a block manager is required. There are lots of different facets to servicing residential blocks as follows:

Fire Services

When managing all commercial properties, there are legal requirements around fire safety that are the responsibility of the building manager. When fire risk assessments are carried out, often they will highlight hazards and identify potential issues in the building that must be addressed. It is not just a legal requirement or best practice in property management, commercial fire risk assessments are critical to ensure the safety of the building occupants. 


Our clients are often looking to improve a property in multiple areas and therefore may opt for a refurbishment. This can cover numerous external and internal elements all designed to make the property good again. It includes cosmetic aspects such as redecoration but may also include new windows or replacing roof tiles for example to make the property look like new outside as well as in.

We can support property owners with many aspects of refurbishment and improve both the look as well as its functionality and energy efficiency.

External refurbishment

A complete refurbishment will often involve structural work to address issues that are affecting the property. Here are some of the examples of works that may need to be undertaken:

  • Digging out drains to
  • Reinforcing foundations
  • New windows
  • Roof tiles
  • Adding structural steels

This is important work that provides the foundation for internal remodelling and cosmetic work.

Internal refurbishment

We know how important the look of a property is in terms of value and enjoyment and that is why we provide a whole range of internal refurbishment services:

  • Electrics
  • Heating
  • New boiler
  • Decoration
  • Flooring/carpets,
  • Installation of kitchens and bathrooms. 

Reactive Maintenance

From bulb replacements, door operating issues, lighting problems, stair tread repair and health and safety issues, we can cover all your needs when it comes to reactive maintenance, and we fully understand the need to get these issues resolved as quickly and as fuss-free as possible.

External Maintenance

Whether it be ground maintenance, line painting, signage, or external decoration, we can help you manage the block and deliver all your external maintenance needs.

Pest control

Not a great subject but pest control is extremely important because it protects both people and properties. It's critical to control pests for both commercial and residential properties. In the hospitality industry, stringent hygiene certificates necessary to keep functioning commercial properties such as hotels or restaurants simply cannot have any issues with pests.

We are proud to help commercial property managers in the Hampshire area so that they can maintain functioning buildings.

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