How dilapidation services help commercial property managers

The term dilapidation services refer to the process of identifying any damage or defects to a property that differs from the state the property started in, therefore any charges, damages, or defects that need to be rectified to put the property back to the state I was found in at the start of any tenancy or leasing agreement.

Commercial property dilapidation is, therefore, works carried out to ensure a commercial property is kept in order and to the standard it was first presented to the lease or renting party at the start of the rental or lease term.

Commercial property managers have a legal obligation to ensure that at the start, during, and after any term after the lease, the property is maintained to a high standard, and the property is fit for lease at any given time. It is essential that property managers ensure they have the means to carry out the work at short notice and the resources to ensure that all work, that may be needed, is carried out professionally and to a high standard.

Most property managers use highly skilled contractors to carry out any dilapidation work. This ensures work can be carried out professionally and to a high standard and, more importantly, carried out efficiently. This means the lease or rental property can maximise its rental potential and reduce any downtime where the property is vacant.

Commercial Dilapidation Services

Commercial dilapidation services can cover a wide range of services including:

  • Aesthetic issues (Chipped paint, peeling wallpaper etc.)
    • Replacement of damaged or worn-down carpet/wooden flooring.
    • Reinstatement of blockwork dividing walls.
    • Removal of any dangers or hazards such as asbestos and mould.
    • Removal of internal partitions
    • Wire testing & lighting upgrades.
    • Replacement of damaged windows/repairing window frames.

Essentially commercial dilapidation services can mean any work, large or small, that constitutes a breach in lease or tenancy agreements, meaning the property is not in the order it was at the start of the agreement.

Dilapidation Services

Dilapidation services are also used when there have been agreed changes to a property for commercial reasons, such as a shop refit, or an office, where the layout has changed to suit the tenant but, after vacating, needs to be returned to its original state. Also, derelict or long-term vacant properties may also need extensive work to help return a property to its original state ready to lease again.

The Complete Property Group provide professional commercial dilapidation services in and around the southeast region of the United Kingdom including Hampshire, where they are based. With many years of experience in the property services industry, The Complete Property Group is a trusted building services provider to many property managers throughout the Southeast.

Dilapidation Services Provider

As an established dilapidation services provider, The Complete Property Group, can easily assess, quote and carry out any work efficiently, professionally, and at a high standard, ensuring that there is a reduced time when a property is vacant and therefore reducing the time the property is vacant and not yielding rental fees.

If you are in the Portsmouth and Hampshire area, we can help you with your dilapidations, get in touch for your works today.

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