How commercial building services support business

Any building that is used for commercial purposes is important and must be structurally sound, fit for purpose and regularly maintained. There are certain industries however that cannot have any downtime otherwise they run the risk of a disruption to service and a huge impact on their financial productivity. This blog will focus on commercial building services for manufacturing, industrial buildings, and leisure centres.

Leisure facilities

The leisure centre and gym industry certainly took a financial hit during the Covid shutdown. There is a greater focus on health and wellness now as well as the need to boost the economy which includes marketing gyms and leisure centres. To remain appealing and successful, the upkeep and improvement of the leisure centre and gym facilities are critical.


Refurbishing the facilities, including changing rooms, is often necessary because it is a space with high footfall. The changing rooms and gym itself can quickly become tired looking and rundown. It is therefore important to keep on top of the general look and feel of the facilities. This can help draw new customers over the threshold as well as protect the investment of the building itself.


Maintenance issues such as water leaks must be tackled quickly. Ensuring you use a company that understands how to keep their business open while carrying out repairs is critical. If you are based in the Hampshire area, The Complete Property Group has years of experience and can provide swift repairs with minimal disruption enclosures. Maintenance issues must be addressed no matter how minor because these can come quickly become major issues with a big cost implication. Using a property services company that understands the need for a swift reaction is critical

Manufacturing and industrial premises

When a commercial building is used for manufacturing or industrial purposes, any breakdowns or issues in the building can have a massive impact on the productivity of the space and the machinery.

This of course has a huge cost implication. That is why with properties like this, you must ensure you have a reliable commercial buildings solutions company that can deliver repairs quickly. Better yet an experienced property maintenance team understands the potential for issues and could create a planned maintenance schedule. This works well in ensuring the premises remain safe and efficient and there’s less chance of more reactive emergency repairs. These works would fall into different areas:

External maintenance

The integrity of a commercial building is critical to its financial viability and therefore general external maintenance would cover the roof, external walls, and windows as well as security and supply routes on and off the premises. General external maintenance from a professional property maintenance company ensures optimal working

Compliance - commercial property

There are regulations and compliance that must be met with commercial properties. A professional property maintenance team such as The Complete Property Group are well versed in regulations and compliance law. This means we can help take away any concerns about ensuring your facility is compliant with current legislation.

Commercial buildings are how a business generates income so ensuring they are kept in a good state of repair is essential. If you need help with the upkeep of your premises, come and talk to us.

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